$a @63.99 (down 1/2c today)

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    Whilst its too early to conclude that the $A is falling, it has nonetheless just dipped below the 64c mark, and is currently holding in the 63.91 - 63.99 range.

    This is still some distance off my suggested 62c price dip which I posted details about on 5th August. Back then, the $A was trading at 64.68c before again rising and then peaking out @66.08 overnight on 20th August.

    Since last Thursday, however, the $A has fallen steadily each day and so far has lost ~210 basis points of value (or about 3% of value).

    Elsewhere, I'm also seeing the $A dipping on a number of other currencies, with this week so far being a largely down week across the board for the $A.
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