93%muslims vote for kerry

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    More than 90 percent of Muslims are voting for John Kerry today, according to exit polling sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

    In the survey, 93 percent of respondents said they voted for Kerry, 5 percent favored Ralph Nader and less than 1 percent said they supported President Bush, according to CAIR.

    The exit poll exceeds the results of a post-debate CAIR survey indicating that 80 percent of likely American Muslim voters planned to vote for Kerry, the group said.

    In the key battleground state of Florida, a CAIR sampling of 335 Muslims who cast their votes today or in early polling shows that 95 percent voted for Kerry and just 3 percent voted for President Bush. Ralph Nader received under 2 percent of Muslim votes.

    In Ohio, a similar sampling of 222 Muslim voters showed 86 percent voting for Kerry, 4 percent for Bush and 10 percent for "other" or a third party.

    "We are seeing an unprecedented level of voter mobilization by the American Muslim community in this election," said CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad. "I believe Muslim voters have come of age and will be a factor in all future elections."

    Surveys were faxed and e-mailed to Muslim individuals and organizations nationwide this afternoon
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