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    A soldier fights with an organization that has rules of engagement. Terrorist have no rules
    A soldier fights an opponent that would shoot him given half the chance Terrorist kill anyone

    Why 911 was so evil.

    Picture a man standing at the end of an aluminum tube, holding hostage a plane full of civilians with whom he has no association. He would be talking to the passengers assuring them that everything will be all right as long as they remain calm. Knowing full well that he alone has sentenced them to die. With trickery he even takes away their right to fight. He would be looking directly at his victims comforting their children and spouses, assuring each other that everything will be fine. Amazingly this creature has the approval of his religious leaders.

    I understand murder, I understand vengeance, this mentality I don’t understand. People that can carry out such despicable acts need to be removed from the Planet.

    This was no ordinary crime but a planned murder on the innocent. Civilized people do not act in this way, those that condone it should take a good look in the mirror and question what they see. I have no God but if you do you will not be forgiven, but rot in hell. THERE IS NO EXCUSE.

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