9 red flags to help spot message board scammers.

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    From Stockhouse BB

    Someone who hyper-posts on only one stock.

    Someone who uses multiple identities.

    Some who repeatedly attacks or belittles others on a stock's message boards.

    Someone who emerges as the stock's moderator, or even the leader of the discussion group on that stock.

    Someone, with a short history in their member profile, who suddenly shows up during a stock run-up, and appears to know "all about" the company.

    Someone who is nearly always the first to respond to company developments.

    Someone who continuously hints at upcoming news and unannounced contracts.

    Someone who hypes the company during the run-up and then "changes" his/her mind and begins attacking the company, its insiders and the project.

    Someone who goes out of their way to find bad news about the company and makes a "case" out of it.


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