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    My concern with MUL is that, except for the Newskies announcement of 25th June, there was nothing else to ignite MUL until yesterday's announcement concerning Transcom.

    The unquoted options announcement of 21st July would not have engendered any excitement in the marketplace. Nor the General Meeting announcement of 23rd July.

    MUL has ~763m shares on issue, of which >100% of the issued capital has now traded in the last 2 days.

    The recent excitement in MUL, however, appears to have started back on 21 July, since which time, >170 HC postings have been made,

    On the 21st, a 6m buyer took out the 1.9c mark (ie: $114,000). Then on the 30th, there were multiple HC postings concerning buyers appearing @2c looking for up to 7m shares at a time (ie: $140,000).

    These sorts of amounts are not trifling in anyone's language. They amount to serious dollars which go well beyond either:
    what a day trader, a T+3 trader, or a bit trader would ever invest with; or
    what someone would generally invest in a highly speculative, penny stock trading in the 1-2c range (ie: where perhaps an investment of $10 -15,000 may occur from time to time).

    The simple contention out of this analysis, therefore, is whether anyone knew in advance of yesterday that the Newstream deal was occurring and, if so, whether the Company should have pre-empted this by making an earlier announcement.

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