73% of arabs think hamas should succeed arafat

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    27 November
    73% of Arabs think that Hamas should succeed Arafat
    Occupied Jerusalem – European diplomatic circles revealed that Sheikh Hamad Bin Jasem, the Qatari Foreign Minister, intends to continue his diplomatic efforts between Washington and the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, to reach a ceasefire agreement in preparation for the re-launching of the peace process after the Palestinian presidential elections.

    The Lebanese paper, al-Deyar, which carried the news in its Friday issue reported that the Qatari endeavour, which is supported by the Bush administration, concentrates on getting Hamas to stop its attacks against the Zionist entity and reach a long term ceasefire to give a chance for the Palestinian elections to take place and the Road Map Plan to be reactivated.

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    Other surveys show that 65% or Arab men think they are more charming than Prince Charming,

    86% of Arab men think rapunzal should be stoned to death for letting down her hair &,

    75% of Arabs living in western Sydney think Iraq is wealthier than Australia cause "we have oil".

    Saddam Hussein in Iraq before the coalition takeover received over 99% of votes, Hamas is not so greedy:)

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