7 Years of the baby boomers

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    The baby boomer effect which has been seen since 1946 through all markets from nappies and strollers,cars,homes and the stockmarket boom 93-90 had a life of 7 years average.Why 7 years...the time it takes to give birth to 2-4 kids after WW2.It has distorted all areas of activity as this group of people moved through society and made demands on the existing infrastructure.From new maternity hospitals,schools,universities,car plants,airlines,consumer products,supermarkets,building boom,home ownership to the stock market super bubble.
    Where to from here?Whatever it is, it will have a 7 year time span as this group move on to their next demand.Will it be a 7 year bear market as shares are displaced by less risky investments like interest bearing deposits.Will property be avoided if it slumps or is seem as requiring too much effort for a return.As this group ages and possibly cashes in their investments for more steady returns,what area will this be?
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