7 billion surplus and zero nett govt debt trajectory under LNP, page-83

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    "I blame the Libs for inaction on the property front, the Labs proposed changes to NG mirror what I have advocated for a long time. They may not get it perfect, but at least it is a start in the right direction."
    Agree, politics since it would be hitting the LNP fan base.

    When I refer surplus I don't mean the mark to market type but the built up of the running surplus from Costello era.
    There are differences of opinion of what the effective stimulus aims were but KRUDD had very ST thinking. Without the China mother QE post GFC, I reckon this would be a moot discussion. IMO, KRUDD stimulated wastefully with no LT effect, sugar hit.

    This brings me to the point as a result of the revolving door PM seat on both parties which is the problem. No PM will risk a strategic change to their policy for the LT. It is all about sugar hit latest polling and the momentum it confirms. Neither do I think the budget can meets its surplus aim since we are literally in campaign mode even before it is announced!

    I am too young to have experienced pre-Howard economic management so LNP for me are better economic managers but as of late it was the poll driven policy on the fly!
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