that's the horrifying point is it not? that we don't need posts...

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    that's the horrifying point is it not?

    that we don't need posts or conversations rich in facts -- it's ballknockingly obvious what any Nation requires to move forward - let alone ahead of others in an extremely rapidly technologically changing world

    the world is going one way only -- high tech on steroids

    this is the tragedy - one doesn't need a degree to see that one requires a highly educated populace, huge R&D pushes, probably tax and trading zones - highly developed industries - on and on etc etc

    NONE of those things are cheap, and ZERO of those things are not only supported by Liberals - they aren't even 'mentioned' by Liberals

    if it weren't so serious, it would be laughable.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch - all the Liberals can do is to poke at Labor policies and push the fact that they are good at saving money --

    It's like dad and mum are in intensive care and the kids are arguing about how to save some money by not having drips up and the right antibiotics - because it might put the credit card up

    it's exactly the same situation - if you don't spend on the credit card and get the right things happening -- WE ARE DEAD

    we don't need reams of facts to see that -- Liberals have been cutting education, cutting research for decades now - and, it's showing. The patient is very very sick.

    I can give examples - but, what's the point? the Liberals are as good as in a coma and so are many of their supporters --------------- many of them, probably most -- probably don't even know what general research is

    so, what size posts and essays have to be if you had to explain basic stuff like that to them????

    You would be better off sending them off to primary school.
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