7 billion surplus and zero nett govt debt trajectory under LNP, page-70

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    Breaking news ********* Read all about it in the Budget 2019.

    When Howard lost to KRUDD, how long did it take to spend that surplus by Labor? Were there any longer term benefit? Did I hear no new tax from Gillard? Oops, politics as they need Green MPs to form Govt and out came Carbon tax. Green = PHON, fringe extremists that will only cause economic and political damage not to mention serenity to multiculturalism, the bed rock of our immigration policy.

    However Labor do have some good policy even if they can't enforce through the negative gearing/franking credits tweaking. You can blame the Libs for the bubble in property markets especially of late when yield chasing with the ultra low IR was forcing the hands of the loose credit and predatory lending.

    This property valuation needs to come down severely so that we can have more a slow steady growth.
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