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    Perusal of eBet's annual report indicates there are a total of 6417 individual shareholders in it, according to the following table:

    1 - 1000 shares........ 782
    1001 - 5000 shares.. 2717
    5001 - 10,000.......... 1219
    10,001 - 100,000..... 1529
    Over 100,000 shares 170

    One thing I personally don't agree with in the report is the proposed granting of 1,000,000 options to Jeff Zulman. These are exercisable at $0.50c up to December 2005.

    To me, company bigshots are rewarded handsomely enough with their generous salaries - why do they need more? Especially given the fact that option packages in many enlightened companies overseas are being phased out. For too long, they've been a perk used at least some of the time, counterproductively to the interests of ordinary shareholders. Greed may have been acceptable in the 1990s but surely in the midst of a savage bear market & particularly within a growing small company not yet in profit, it should be dispensed with? No one can convince me that fundamentally, options have anything other than avarice behind their disbursement.

    With all due respect to Mr. Zulman, I say no to the granting of any options to any company fatcat.

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