60 minutes & carelton - crapola!

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    Email from a friend who watched the show.................I gave it a miss.........Snooker

    I applaud Richard Carelton's courage to refer to Hamas as terrorist organisation and not as militants or freedom fighters. However, his attempt to reinforce the Palestinian mythology goes a long way to explain the media's lack of credibility.

    Where to start on a piece that has so many holes that it would be better used to drain pasta?

    Firstly, putting aside the fact that 'Palestinian' was adopted by the Arab League when they founded Yasser Arafat's terrorist Marxist organisation in 1964, Hebron has had a continual Jewish presence up until the mid 1940's when the British Mandatory army expelled the Jewish population to protect it from Arab attacks.
    Not even the Arabs deny that Hebron is the resting place of the forefathers of Judaism, purchased by Abraham as detailed in Genesis.

    Carelton continually scoffs at any Jewish claim while revering Arab assertions. He describes the Jewish connection to Israel as being 'divine', yet the same land is 'holy' to Islam. Come again? Where does Islam describe this piece of real estate as holy?

    Under the Ottomans district of Palestine was largely unoccupied and the majority of Jerusalem's residents were Jewish. You'd think that Islam would have shown a bit more respect for a holy land?

    When our intrepid reporter refers to occupiers and occupied, he racks up the fabrication count. It matters little to him that not even the Arab stacked UN refers to the land as 'occupied' or that Israel's presence is not illegal but under dispute.

    Strictly speaking, the only country aside from Israel to lay claim to the land is Jordan. Therefore, most Palestinians are illegal squatters on property with Jordanian title. No Israeli residence on the 'disputed territories' displaced any Arabs.

    When Carelton looks for an Israeli journo to support his arguments, he finds a fellow leftie who comes up with a nonsensical statement that terrorist can only be negotiated with.

    Will Sir Richard suggest that John Howard negotiate with JI?

    The whole point of terrorism is to kill indiscriminately. Hamas, Fatah, Al Aqsa, PFLP etc, etc, etc, are interested in killing Jews, not having a quiet discussion over a short black.

    His conclusion that Israel is attempting to 'scuttle the Road Map to peace' is laughable since it is the Palestinians who have refused to adhere to their part of the bargain by stating that they will not shut down terrorists.

    This rubbish about security fences became an issue when the media started realising that pre-condition # 1 for the Palestinians was being ignored. The solution - criticise Israel for something that is not even in the Road Map. Divert attention so the world won't notice Abbas and Arafat failing to keep their word.

    Once again, congrats to Carelton on attempting to rewrite history. Maybe a better expose would be to track what happened to the tens of billions of dollars in aid that disappeared into Arafat's coffers or were diverted to buy weapons. Or perhaps Carelton could review Palestinian Media incitement?

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