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    Nice after market announce - heres an extract

    It is anticipated that our licensing partner will complete this final evaluation within the next six weeks, thereby
    enabling the commencement of sales of the new ELISA test and rapid test shortly thereafter. Whilst the
    Company acknowledges that there have been unfortunate delays in finalising the out-licensing arrangements in
    relation to our HEV diagnostic technology, these have been out of the Company’s control.
    Hepatitis A
    Additional technical and commercial progress has been made in respect of the other current major item in the
    SLT hepatitis product suite – our Hepatitis A rapid diagnostic test.
    The directors are pleased to advise that negotiations in respect of the commercialisation of the Hepatitis A rapid
    test have commenced. The company is confident that it will be able to conclude an attractive commercial
    arrangement with one or more participants in this area within the timeframe previously advised, namely around
    the middle of 2004, after independent evaluations of the test have been completed.
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