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    Nice deal.....and a nice uptrending chart...

    more to come from this one, I 'm sure

    News Release: August 15, 2005: Hostworks Group Limited – ASX Code HWG

    Hostworks Just the Ticket for Ticketek

    Hostworks, in a significant expansion of its business relationship with Ticketek, has entered into
    a major managed services contract with Ticketek to take responsibility for hosting the leading
    ticketing company’s critical business applications for the next three years.
    This $6.1m agreement will see ASX-listed Hostworks manage Ticketek’s critical IT infrastructure
    for both Australia and New Zealand. This includes Ticketek’s internal ticketing, data warehousing
    and financial applications and email system. Hostworks will also provide Ticketek’s Disaster
    Recovery solution.
    Hostworks is the Asia-Pacific’s leading provider of critical application managed services. Since
    1999, Hostworks has managed Ticketek’s web-hosting infrastructure for its ticketing system.
    Ticketek Chief Executive Officer Peter Stirling Benson said the extended partnership with
    Hostworks was “a sensible step” to meet an integrity and security imperative. “From where I sit,
    the main imperative is to ensure a secure environment,” he said. “Our technology has outgrown
    the space available. Also the increased importance of that technology has demanded that we
    house it offsite in a fully secure and managed environment.
    “Given the growing importance of the online channel, it’s a sensible step to move from running
    our own IT systems to having Hostworks provide a fully managed solution located in their secure
    external data centres for our IT infrastructure serving our offices in Australia and New Zealand.
    “This new arrangement will enhance stability, capacity and functionality. Hostworks employs
    leading edge and reliable technology, which is consistent with where we want to go. Hostworks
    is flexible, enthusiastic and results-driven. Hostworks is in it for the long term.”
    Ticketek selected Hostworks as its strategic partner after examining other options in the market.
    Under the agreement, Hostworks will continue to manage Ticketek’s web-hosting ticketing
    infrastructure. It will begin to manage Ticketek’s internal ticketing, data warehouse and financial
    applications and its email system. These back office systems are used by Ticketek staff, call
    centre personnel, box offices and agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand.
    To ensure the 24X7 access to these vital systems, Hostworks will provide physical hardware
    security, connectivity, data centre availability, operating system and application management.
    Mr. Stirling Benson said the online component of Ticketek’s activity was growing rapidly. “Online
    is a critical component of how we operate today and it will continue to grow in the future,” he
    said. “We invest in leading edge systems to provide our customers with simplicity, speed and
    ease of access.
    “Likewise, we select organisations with whom we do business very carefully. We consider
    Hostworks to be our partner as they are key to the success of our strategy. Hostworks is much
    more than a vendor or a supplier. We have a good relationship, shared objectives and a
    common commitment to finding solutions. There are always challenges - the nature of
    partnership is how you anticipate and deal with them.”
    Hostworks Managing Director Marty Gauvin said the Ticketek agreement demonstrated the
    success of Hostworks’ business model. “This contract highlights Hostworks’ established track
    record as a provider of whole of IT infrastructure managed services,” he said. “It also
    demonstrates our competitive position as one of Australia’s leading selective sourcing providers
    ahead of first generation outsourcers such as IBM, EDS, CSC and KAZ.”
    For media assistance, call Hostworks CEO Marty Gauvin on 0418 843 550, John Harris at
    Impress Media on 08 8431 4000 or Belinda Berryman at Ticketek on 02 9266 4204.
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