COZ 1.33% 7.6¢ commodities group limited

500 buck wheat and breaking drought

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    Would be surprised if this company gets any farmers to join this program this year with wheat at nearly $500/t and more importantly with the drought well and truly over for this year. It will be wall to wall wheat in the east as farmers look to cash in.

    There is no way carbon will compete with wheat. The biggest detractor for farmers away from this program is that your land is locked down for 100 years meaning you cannot realise any capitali growth on your land values??!?!?! Who would be crazy enough to sign a contract that locks your farm away from capitali growth. Farmland is hyperinflating even in te marginal areas.

    RIP COZ ... until you come up with a crop that allows farmers to still produce food and participate in this major secular food bull market.
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