50 us soldiers perish in chinook attack

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    Arab Media Reporting 50 US Soldiers Perish in Chinook Attack

    Tracking Terrorism | December 19 2004

    The Arab Media source Islam Memo is reporting that dozens of Americans and as close to 50 may have perished in the downing of a Chinook outside the city of Fallujah.


    The Islam intellectual [ is special ] : 50 American soldiers died, and other 11 soldiers were captivated, after dropping an American plane today Sunday at in the morning over Alneimia region by southeast of Al-Faloga.

    An American plane has been exposed from Chinook kind that was on its deck tens of the American soldiers carrying, between them a number of injured in Al-Faloga battles, faced during its direction from Habanyia base Baghdad, to a poisonous missile 7 that the resistance fighters shot, what led to its dropping in Zoba village in Alneimia region, where the parts of the giant helicopter scattered .

    And the Islam intellectual correspondent said - according to eyewitnesses - : 50 American soldiers of whom were aboard the helicopter they were killed, whereas 11 others were injured by different wounds, where they all scattered in the air.

    And he added that the resistance could capture of 9 soldiers from these injured in the plane fall place, whereas two other soldiers escaped and disappeared between the canes and the papyrus in the project of sweetening the salt lands, but the resistance fighters pursued them, and carried out their detention also.

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