HDR hardman resources limited

$50,000- donation to hotcopper

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    Thanks for your response. I will look into it and get back and reminders it costs $4,000- a month to run hc.

    I believe under new spamming laws and cyber attack laws just made law in July 2004 you have just become the first known Australian business to become eligble to use them.

    Last night you were spammed by several hundred/thousand ? messages from the same poster. This caused your site to become useless and actually fall over for several hours.

    Australia has the toughest laws since their introduction in July 2004. I suggest you use them. This attack has caused irrepearable damage to both HC's reputation and disrupted your service.

    From memory the lowest penalty for this sort of attack is $50,000-. Since you are Australia's number one iternet stockmarket chat site, I would suggest you use all the hard work to get a donation to make up for the damage caused both by having your system crash for hours and damage to your reputation.

    I for one would like to thank the witless spammer for his donation.

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