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5 mins calc and a quick thought

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    Just did a quick calc, for the PATIENT investors;

    Invest $30k today and buy 1,000,000 shares
    Wait 5 years and worth $8.50ea or $8,500,000
    Return = >28000% or annualised of >5000%
    Not bad huh?

    Have a look at a 5 year chart of PDN and you will see something very similar to what I have outlined above.

    I am not saying that this will happen, but this is a speculative stock and anything might happen, the opposite might happen, you may lose the $30k.

    If you can't bear the ups and downs of a spec stock, pick up your pay and feck off. You are in the wrong place, so leave your whining out and let the people with something valuable to say carry on with it.

    Paschal has given his opinion here on this stock, thestorm has also given his (1d1otic) opinion, if you have bought or sold this stock purely on the opinions of either of these two posters, without doing some of your own research you are a larger 1d1ot than one can imagine.

    So leave people in search of genuine and valuable information to get on with what they do best, post and share their research. This not only applies to this thread but all threads.

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