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5 grander 19/20

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    Another year....and, the 4th year for the 5 grander in its current format.
    following 2 incredible years of 270%+ returns, reality set in, with my 5 grander just staying in the green, partly from carrying over stocks that were difficult to extricate, and, neglect, as i concentrated on my main account.
    The 5 grander started with a written down/market value of 4453, and finished at 5275.....$275 up on the 5k value, and a little better if you start from market value of stocks held....but....still not a brilliant effort.
      This year, i am driven....with the 5 grander to be used to assist the education of a couple of young teenagers in Ladakh, Himalayas......so.....i'm out for a kill !!.....that is, whilst still managing risk very carefully.
      This year see's me with stock at cost of $4003, so to add $997 to get back to 5K, means i will withdraw $948.....i hope viewers will check that and confirm, or agree that that is the correct method....i have used it for 3 years, but i'm no tax accountant!!
    Without banging on about the stocks, as this isnt the forum for it....just a quick run down on the holdings....
    EMP OVL....big holds for me elsewhere (T20), as i'm convinced deals are coming
    NAE a play on a change of management/direction
    KTE  a play on a deep value disparity
    REV   basically a fintech type shell which may be getting set for a new deal

    i do hope last years folk come back for another go.....again, its not about winning, but simply giving ideas for smaller players who may only have around 5k to punt with......whether it be investing in blue chips, dogs, either as a balanced selection, or simply one stock at a time, all input is welcome
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