Yeh its fickle the market at anytime and strange . But anyway as...

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    Yeh its fickle the market at anytime and strange .

    But anyway as has been said before five grand is hard work thats for sure but doable if thats what you have to do it with i guess .

    Taking profit off the table to live is what people have to do if the market is the only income . Yep thats the job first foremost is profit before anything else to live on .

    Anyway i was running  two trial portfolios this year and started a third the other day simply off scanning as means of running a spread of stocks with a grand in each see if im getting better with narrowing it down technically speaking as in running a spread of stocks to scans .

    Yeh any day can be different thats for sure . My most recent running a loss currently the other two in the profit over time . Nothing but punting a system kind of i guess as its still work over time to sifting the two thousand or so stocks of the market to get entry exit times to indicators .

    Hindsight maybe but they happen .

    Strangely enough some market truisms   play out in spread risk portfolios ?

    Like here is my longest running five grander and well css mucked it up so to speak with consolidation but its nearly at stage one stock is going carry the whole value of the portfolio which has flipped turned and done its market thing through every stock at a different stage to where it was profit wise .

    Just virtual watch lists.

    You have done well minoil from five grand thats for sure over time .

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