valen, ill use 30th June as a finish, and reset. As to my...

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    valen, ill use 30th June as a finish, and reset. As to my approach, i'm unsure, though i did say i would sell up and reset at $5K cash. however, i will assess that at the time. Its had a crap year so far, partly from carrying over RMX, and being stuck in plays that didnt materialise.
    previous 5 granders went so well, they financed my Himalayan trips, even after tax....this year, it seems, i will be struggling to come out even. And, its partially due to my neglecting it, possibly due to the stress of needing to trade my main account for income, which meant the 5 grander got neglected, and was overlooked for the rare chances of "dinner money" trades.
    however, today was a pleasant change......earlier in the week i flipped a small holding of PVD for a pip, but today was a significant boost, with a parcel of SI6 going out @.005 (from .004), and, two small parcels of EMP going from .003 to .004. EMP is a major holding for me, but, in the case of the 5 grander, needed to lock in some desperately needed gains.....i may regret selling both parcels, as i did with WFE last year, but the 5 grander is too vulnerable to a fickle market, and, the risk of sub 1c stocks.
    So, now holding OVL and REV, plus 3647 cash, for a total of 4487............some ground to make up before EOFY !!
    While the market is reasonable, despite travel commitments, i'm going to risk continuing to hunt for trades, and, if necessary, going against my plan, and will hold some stocks into the next FY if required, rather than sell them in a fire sale and attempt to get them back. OVl will be a patient hold, REV a bit of a punt on a turnaround, but i'm seeing some buyer interest, so, fingers crossed
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