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4c capital return

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    Hi all,

    Absolutely no reason why capital return couldn't be 4.0c. This would leave at least 2 yrs working capital (approx. $4m) and $3m for subsidiary support. Every one else has gone 'lean'...no need for $850/m office space and $500k+ ED salaries anymore. Should even be able to stretch it to 4 years if they really considered us 'other' shareholders as the vast majority of the small resources index are doing.

    Heck... a 4c return would give NM $2.2m for his DGR as well as the $1.18m he'd get for his OBS. Not a bad haul in addition to what he pulls down from all the directorships (guessing $800k+ but could be more this year?).

    Decisions. Decisions.
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