41 New Covid Cases in Victoria ... shut the border.

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    The virus situation that has been developing for over a week in Victrola is clearly now out of control.
    - case numbers pretty much close to and over 20+ each day for a week
    - today reporting 40+
    - international arrivals can refuse a test and walk out after 14 days
    - health minister and police minister fighting over army assist contract tracing, one say yes the other no
    - Captain Cook Denier, Dr van Diemen, Vic health minister, said it was 'getting a little bit complicated' to discuss cases linked to outbreaks as there are 'quite a number of outbreaks at the moment'. A real confidence booster if ever there was one.

    What has to change, pretty simple:
    - all land borders shut with Victoria, no interstate air travel from Victoria
    - mandatory testing of all international arrivals
    - international arrivals pay for their hotel rooms

    If this continues, we are eventually going to get overwhelmed by the walking dead, they are going to keep trying to get into the country. It has to stop. People are developing the virus on day 15 and and day 16. Hotel support staff and hotel security staff are being infected.

    It's a foolish risk that 25 million people have to take for the benefit of thousands trying to coming in. I don't want to have to wear a mask for years to come, do you ?

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