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400 page memorandum

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    I bit the bullet today, and queued at the post office to pick up my copy of the 400 page information memorandum.

    It was too big to fit through my letterbox at the original delivery time.

    After reading it for about 20 minutes, I decided to stop and place it next to my bed.

    Next time I wake at 2am and can't get back to sleep, guess what I'll be doing?!!

    I know that it contains important information, but was it necessary to post a copy to every SH?

    Especially as it's available online as a company announcement.

    Must weigh over a kilo, postage costs for 8000 odd copies would be astronomical, on top of the cost of printing etc.

    I hope the cost will be tax deductable for the company!

    Very quiet on the market today.

    I think that in the eyes of the market, we've already said bye bye to the ASX.

    Ah well, you get that!


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