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40 new gold reefs

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    it appears that the MS mine is proving to be the monster that i had hoped it would. in the narrow vein mining conference paper it says that :

    Recent diamond drilling has intersected approximately 40 new gold bearing quartz reefs and sulfide zones that contain all the key mineralogical and structural indicators, and traditional large variations in gold grades similar to the historical major production zones.

    those 40 new gold bearing zones would be into the guts of the 'gap zone', as indicated by the '9L North radial fan longsection' graphics depicted on the website under : drilling program. this area is virgin ground, where only 7 drillholes had previously been drilled historically - between levels 9 - 15.

    in the last quarterly there is a reference to historic drillhole 113 which had one assay of 15g/t just below level 10, & another assay of 26g/t from approx. level 13.

    so it appears from this bit of info, from the narrow vein paper, that 40 new gold zones in the 'gap zone' indicates that the 'gap zone' must be brim full of gold; & not barren as some sceptics had assumed (maybe because their thinking still ascribes to the theorem of a flat world where all things are pre-conceived & known).

    looking forward to those assay results.

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