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40 - 45 deg api gravity

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    40-45 Deg API Gravity is what have been consisted in the mud logs is great news guys.

    If we can get this by the end of the drilling its party time IMO.


    [edit] Classifications or grades
    Generally speaking, oil with an API gravity between 40 and 45 commands the highest prices. Above 45 degrees the molecular chains become shorter and less valuable to refineries.[1]

    Crude oil is classified as light, medium or heavy, according to its measured API gravity.

    Light crude oil is defined as having an API gravity higher than 31.1 °API

    Medium oil is defined as having an API gravity between 22.3 °API and 31.1 °API

    Heavy oil is defined as having an API gravity below 22.3 °API.

    Not all parties use the same grading.[2] The United States Geological Survey uses slightly different definitions.[3] Simply put, bitumen sinks in fresh water, while oil floats.

    Crude oil with API gravity less than 10 °API is referred to as extra heavy oil or bitumen. Bitumen derived from the oil sands deposits in the Alberta, Canada area has an API gravity of around 8 °API. It is 'upgraded' to an API gravity of 31 °API to 33 °API and the upgraded oil is known as synthetic crude.

    For example, consider a barrel of tar that is dissolved in 3 barrels of naphtha (lighter
    fluid) to produce 4 barrels of a 40 degree API mixture. When this 4-barrel mixture is fed
    to a distillation column at the inlet to a refinery, one barrel of tar plus 3 barrels of lighter
    fluid is all that will come out of the still. On the other hand, 4 barrels of a naturally
    occurring 40 degree API South Louisiana Sweet crude when fed to the distillation
    column at the refinery could come out of the still as 1.4 barrels of gasoline and naphtha,
    0.6 barrels of kerosene (jet fuel), 0.7 barrels of diesel fuel, 0.5 barrels of heavy distillate,
    0.3 barrels of lubricating stock, and 0.5 barrels of residuum (tar).

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