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4 times square building

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    from looking through the totius web site, it is possible that the report from lum, is in relation to one of the sites available on the 4 times square building. the totius web site refers to a sign, which is 55ft x 55 ft, which happens to be about 300sqm - which is the figure mentioned in the lum report. the following from the totius page

    4 Times Square: The 48-story Conde Nast Building at the "Crossroads of the World" - Broadway and 42nd Street

    Launch Date:
    October 2003: Coinciding with the debut of the 360 ft. broadcast antenna replacing the WTC antenna lost on 9/11 (Ads will be seen in nationwide print and electronic media coverage of the event)

    Sign Specs:
    - 4 signs facing N, S, E, and W
    - 55 ft. x 55 ft.
    - 4-Color
    - Full-motion video-enabled
    - Real-time capability
    - Static image during daylight hours
    - Media types accepted: MPEG, JPEG, GIF

    -From all of Manhattan, surrounding waterways, Lincoln Tunnel, Long Island Expressway; become part of the city's geographic vernacular and recognizable landmarks like Citicorp, Chrysler, The Empire State Building.


    it is easy to get confused, and think that the lum report, refers to another site, because somewhere else on the totius web site, the following is quoted - which refers to a sign 70ft x 70 ft

    "The building, also known as the headquarters of Conde Nast, is on the verge of getting its sky-high signage leased and lit. A deal to take the four, 70x70-foot tall signs is close to being inked with a U.S. company that will install special Australian-designed LED video technology and then lease the colorful computer generated boards to corporate advertisers."

    i may be wrong, but i would tend to think that it is one and the same. if it is, then it is a good start, and we look forward to the other three sides of the building, having a lum sign

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