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4 Bagger in 6 months conservative

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    Judging by the WA government very modest 2015 average IO price of $US 75 (who owns the resource and previously threatened BHP and RIO with royalty hike, the latter smartly abruptly canned the massive and highly anticiptaed SilverGrass IO mine development - both BHP/RIO despite jaw boning about organic 2015 production growth are instead almost certain to hold if NOT outright curtail IO production - just as China with depleted inventory starts restocking on high volume and ramp up imports for the massive $US 1.1 trillion 2015-2016 infrastructure stimulus) and another RBA rate cut (already flagged by Hockey yesterday) to around $US0.73, then AGO could easily be making $200M EBITA this calendar year at 13.5 MTA

    The $US75 WA governemnt forecast would be conservative given we are staring at an imminent regime change of the GREENS and LABOR back in power and RSPT MKII not far away.
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