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3c target which equals 200% return

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    After reviewing all the posts over many years, and looking at profitability pro's and cons', thanks to those who have provided invaluable info like Nathanblack, frader,Jovann etc I am of the opinion by end of the year a minimum of 3c will be the floor of the price.

    I have come to that conclusion because by then we will have 2 quarters of sales to go by, we will have moved from a pure research company, to a fully fledged manufacturing and selling company.

    with cap raisings out of the way now, and time to be spent on 2 new products now,plus the diamond in the crown tripeptofen still to look forward to, downside from now on is minimal.

    All reports to date from people who have used the cream has been excellent.My own case study on a mate proved to me I will make money from PNO finally.

    For those who have been on the PNO train for a while well done for hanging on, for those who have just purchased welcome aboard.
    For those who are yet to purchase shares ,the train is leaving the station.

    A gradual rise now as we have seen from .008 up to 1.1c in a very very bad market tells me ,the re-rating is now and is now starting. It can rise .001 a week for the next 2 months we will have nearly doubled in price...somehow i think it will be quicker than that, but if it was just that , what a great return anyway. Many of us are in for the longer term and 3c in my opinion will prove to be very conservative by year end.

    Looking at the sell depth, sells have been removed as previously there were 10-15 mill at each level, now probably an average of less than 5 mill, and at the prices it is trading at its easy for someone to buy the whole price line and not risk too much.

    All in all i sleep better knowing my retirement is getting closer.....
    As the Late Big Kev said...IM EXCITED
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