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    re: jocam9 ??? for stoss Thanks for that jocam!

    I myself have stuck with PSA only because of pure finance fundamentals when i originally bought them at 36 and sold at 88 last week. However have bought back in although a bit too high compared to the current price but not perturbed by that as i think this is going alot higher in the longer term. I had AYO from 40s to low 1.00s and have now totally ditched them as they now seem to be a trader stock in my opinion. The other oiler i am holding and i am in two minds on is OSH. Purely because the australian government has to make the gas play work so as to sustain the PNG economy and not have to bail it out every 1-2 years with more aid. I bought this one in the high 70s and will hold for awhile longer although i think it is a more riskier play as if an insto decides they want out then this stock is very susceptible to plummet as it has done several times in the past 12 months. I am watching two other companies at present based on potential financial fundamentals eg SMY and MGX. SMY would be my pick based on definitive start dates that do not constantly keep changing. AMP have just bought into SMY so i am not sure based on AMP performance of late that it may be one to stay clear off :-).
    Have a look at these and tell me what you think although they are not oilers!!
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