AVZ - What have I been hearing about a court case? Very strong...

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    AVZ - What have I been hearing about a court case? Very strong opening will try to enter when the bears pull it back, can easily double from peer comparisons although BGS has had some location problems when it comes to exporting and I guess the government wants 51% or already owns 51% etc. so double the share price to just under $200 mil MC, I can see it double or tripling but won't hold after price targets have been met... thoughts? Out @ 6.3c and should have held over the weekend that is what Friday afternoon is all about again the court case and being an ex KDR holder put me off but look at that open.

    BUB - Not the growth some were expecting but it will come, a trade to be had but under 30 cents surely.

    GMV - A slow rerate but a stream cutting into a mountain it will happen; a revenue stream ba dum dishhhh.

    PHK - buyers coming back, pivot forming or has formed Friday. 400% sales upgrade but not much liquidity for this stock.
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