DML 0.00% 1.9¢ discovery metals limited

30c per share deal here with Castlepines Global Equity

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    as per several calculations on the thread, the consensus is this deal if finalised in the next 90 days is worth 30c/share !!! and we are trading at 3.6c. Even a 1 in 3 chance this deal gets done, we should be trading at 10c or let's be really conservative and say 1 in 5 chance (20% likelihood), then we should really be at 6c approx.

    this financing package is the best deal in a long time that DML management have put forward to the market and its long suffering shareholders, probably since the $1.70 CFC taekover offer.

    also no dilution to shareholders and having the funds necessary to unlocking the huge potential with Zeta underground.

    what more can you ask for ?
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