VCR ventracor limited

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    VCR web site:

    There is nothing like this Ventrassist:

    1. Technical.
    One moving part only and that is suspended; no wear hence no heating up of the blood; no destruction of blood platelets as the others do due to friction (bearings); no need to suply a special drug to keep the system going.

    It is a super design and mortality rates ought to be extremely low, much lower than any alternatives.

    2. Competition.
    For that quality, there isn't any. Also can be produced at markedly lower prices than all the others.

    3. Desirability.
    I did say that VCR could be taken over within 6 months unless it formed a powerful relationship either with as Partner or Institutions.
    Instrument Companies want it. It is as simple as that. They could drastically up the E/S after a takeover.

    But they need some evidence first that the Patients are doing well. After that, prepare for developments.

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