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    Hi Folks

    Once again, in a matter of days my VCR forecasts, although stated to be 'conservative', have well and truly broken through the $3 barrier that I thought would be closer to the end of the year...not this month!!!!!

    Something does appear to be happening here.

    VCR are masters of timely announcements and todays really surprised me re the share price action.

    I am absolutely wrapped that it has gone beyond $3.00, even if it does perhaps fall below this level tomorrow.............ive said that before too!
    To finish anywhere above $3.00 tomorrow would be a Herculean effort.

    Many here state the high risk high reward profile. I would agree with that. But hey thats why i'm in it!!!!!!

    Thing is, apart from the obvious re taking part/profits, I consider that the upside has more in the tank. Seems more investors are getting onto this company and its compelling story and demonstrated technology.

    The media and the community (thats global and national) have, and are catching onto this one. The company knows its technology is superior to its competitors (a nice healthy dose of company arrogance in fact i'd say) and its going out of its way to push that story hard to brokers/analysts and to the market.

    Yes the RSI is way up there.
    Yes taking profits is a sound decision
    Yes VCR has risen sharply in a short time.
    And....yes, the 'trend is your friend'.

    And yes, I will continue to hold.

    Appears many here will too.

    Now, lets get those brokers/analysts getting those reports out based on todays company release.

    Any guesstimates re their valuations...?

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