So,A Rally of the markets or just a Dead Cat Bounce?It seems to...

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    A Rally of the markets or just a Dead Cat Bounce?

    It seems to me that Delayed National figures buy's time in some minds.

    Do we have the National Account figures for March, or do we have to wait until June

    to see the damage to the economy?

    My point is,

    We know the damage has been done, but are yet to be presented the reports.

    imo, we are due for the 2nd Wave of the 2020 Crash & could see 3rd, 4th & son on.

    The next Wave imo will shock many of unwittingly investors as if this was

    meant to be all over.

    I still believe that the main risk that needs to be planned for is a 2nd etc wave

    of the Covid outbreak as well.

    The infection rates are slowing due to prevention of human interaction,

    but if interaction is permitted too soon & without proper procedures

    in place i.e. Testing at workplaces, shops, gatherings etc. before entering,

    then we will likely see further outbreak waves imo.

    I can't see a rally being sustained imo.

    Actually seems ridiculous that it's taking place.

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