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2mm ounces

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    Sorry in the last post I meant to say they are about to drill 60 million tonnes of virgin rock - not 60k tonnes. It's 200+ metres deep so looking at the ounces per vertical metre in past 100 years there, it could infer 1mm ounces. However if you look at the average mined production grade at Morning Star of 26.5 grams per tonne excluding tailings, well it could be 2mm ounces if there is enough reef in that Gap zone they are drilling............. This part of Aust. always gets back to the size and shape of the quartz reefs. They are fatter and more consistent in these dyke bulges that in the sedimentary rock housed stuff up in Bendigo but may not go for as far perhaps. Time will tell but for outright bang-for-buck, MCO has an exciting exploration period ahead............
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