2GB Ben Fordham gutsy & fair interview with retired QC regarding Police reopening Shorten rape investigation, page-38

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    In similar circumstances, Victoria Police decided to proceed against Pell - but not Shorten. That's now history, but the progress of the Pell case now provides the basis for revisiting the Shorten matter.

    The fact of the recent Pell conviction in Victoria on the evidence of a single accuser, along with changes to the law since 2015 means the OPP's 2014 "no reasonable prospect of conviction" advice about Shorten is no longer valid.

    If Kathy Sherriff wanted to let the Shorten matter rest, then we would not be having this conversation.

    But Kathy continues to suffer because of what happened to her.

    There is no shortage of contemporary wisdom about the importance of believing complainants.

    That doesn't mean Shorten is guilty. But it must mean that Kathy's complaint be taken seriously.

    The question of Shorten's guilt can only be decided by a trial in a court.

    And that's exactly what should happen next.

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