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25 c valuation

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    I have seen this figure thrown around heaps since the GGP anouncement 22.12, that they would get 10c per share REVENUE if drilling makes plan

    "GGPs share of the Fausse Point potential
    hydrocarbon resource is approximately 1.8 million
    barrels of oil equivalent which at $50 per barrel
    (current US oil prices around US$ 70 per bbl)
    provides potential revenues of over A$0.10 cents
    per share in value to GGP shareholders"

    Seems posters have just taken 10c at 20% ownership of Fausse and mo;tiplied out to 50% ownnership for VIL

    Couple of points -

    Shares on issue

    GGP 605k
    VIl 630 K

    Base maths does work on a share for share comparison ( excludes oppies and convertible notes )


    Should we receive 25c a share revenue we would have production costs

    Not known as yet , but onshore well with nearby infrastructure

    Even if we take out 15c in production costs we end up with 10c

    This would form a basic revenue base for a calculation

    P/e ratios

    2 * = 20c SP
    3* = 30 c SP etc etc

    Small caps seem to be at around 3-4 times profit , so that SP 30-40 c of proven reserve is not ridiculous, but will depend on production costs

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Currently unlisted public company.

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