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Now you hold shares in an unlisted company.You should have...

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    Now you hold shares in an unlisted company.

    You should have received a notice from Computershare (the E88 Registry) with a new SRN beginning with an I. Which is an Issuer Sponsored Number. Hang onto it. I got mine a couple of days ago. You can see your holding in your account in Computershare.

    So you still hold your shares and have some protection under ASIC. You'll get periodic reports in the mail and have some voting rights.

    At this stage there is no pay out. You just hold shares in a company going nowhere and having it's blood sucked by a bunch of vampires. Read the other posts on here. By the time they finish with it you'll be lucky to get anything.

    However, you can't claim a capital loss on the shares until either they wind it up or you sell them.

    The company say they may resurrect the business with a new opportunity but in my opinion if that was likely they'd have engineered a backdoor listing of E88 on the ASX.

    As others have said, most likely they'll just run down the remaining cash and at some stage wind it up and you'll get maybe $0.01 a share if you're lucky. You'll receive your "windfall" if it ever arrives by cheque.

    Best thing to do is remember the names of every Directors and senior manager at E88 and make sure you don't make the same mistake again.
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