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22nd June 2019 - The Date

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    The 22nd of June 2019.

    This is the date that Ensogo will be delisted from the ASX (unless they meet reinstatement regulations).

    So, we only have 1 more month for this nightmare to be over, thank goodness.

    And what will shareholders get back upon liquidation, well I'm estimating about 3 cents per share, as a rough calculation.

    (Quote - From the Annual Report)
    Likely developments and expected results of operations.

    As previously reported, liquidators or administrators have been appointed for all the Company's former operating subsidiaries and the Company no longer has any active customer facing operations.

    It is the understanding of the Company that it has until 22 June 2019 to satisfy the requirements for lifting its suspension from the ASX, failing which it will be delisted.

    The Board of Directors is actively evaluating various options available to the Company in relation to reinstatement of its securities to trading, including potential reverse takeover opportunities. If, and when, such an opportunity in the opinion of the Board becomes likely to proceed, an appropriate ASX announcement will be made to the market in accordance with the Company’s continuous disclosure obligations. If efforts fail to produce a suitable path to reinstatement in the allotted time period, the Directors will liquidate the Company and return the remaining capital of the Company to shareholders.
    (End Quote)

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