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22/5/02 6:57:13 heres a quality post Arthur on D

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    Off subject.
    Towie has posted on DVT in small caps--for he wants to make it clear he doesn't really endorse the stock--so he has stated he was only interested down near 3c---what this means is there are probably some positive things coming up---namely just simply the entity has changed it's name--new management---resolution of legal dispute with Cisco---13 to 15 million in the bank.Edata running profitably.
    Hostile takeover bid by Bigshop.
    Abbey today has got all paranoid about it--and felt that he has to post negatively on it before buying in--when all he had to do was buy it.
    (hope this helps) refer summary at Ozestock---hasn't been updated yet to include either Bigshop or Cisco resoultion.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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