2021 to Forever Federal Budget: All Australian Workers Forced To Gorge On...?

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    2021 to Forever Federal Budget: All Australian Workers Forced To Gorge On THEIR Savings And Super For Survival!?

    "ZERO Wages Growth For All Australian Workers..." Commands Treasurer Josh Frydenberg In 2021 To Forever "The Reality Is" Budget!

    Plus Imprimatur From Prime Minister Scott Morrison Plus RBA Governor Philip Lowe.

    Plus record unstainable Deficits & Debt plus 100% reliance on China for our export income & 100% foreign imports for 99% of what we consume. This is Liberal-National Party Conscription for Worker-Australians!

    For Labor Party Prescription, wait until this Thursday!?

    Either way, if you're lucky enough to survive a blotched Covid-19 quarantine & vaccine rollout, and financially survive long enough with zero interest rates on savings to arrive penniless in aged care home...?

    As for the "I want it now" generation, plus those either side, what can they expect as they entwine with 2m Unemployed-Underemployed highly over-indebted Aussies!?

    By the way, major economic sectors already destroyed & again ignored? Tourism, Education, Migration, Agricultural Foreign Workers, Arts, Entertainment...

    Impact on Share Market & what's left of Super? Watch this space...??

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