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........... Seems as though they are looking for multiple...

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    ........... Seems as though they are looking for multiple partners, .................

    Howdy Moneymen, yep read that and cant help but think it is a bit of an overhang from the Elanco deal in that when that was originally penned Elanco was still hooked up with Lilly so the animal product development and subsequent human product were pretty much hand in glove. Just not sure there are other such same scenarios available. The problem then becomes how to negotiate a deal with a vet pharma Co who would basically be paying for final product development / refinement and therefore proof of concept for humans, but not gaining the full benefit of that development. Can imagine either PAA would be pressured to accept a lower amount for the vet product (so that some of the development cost for human side is carried over) but with no guarantee to see the human side commercialized or, perhaps PAA would need first enter into some sort of conditional human product deal with a 3rd party prior to negotiating the animal product. 3 sided hats are always significantly more complicated to consummate. Meantime that does not account for any of the other earlier stage products now in the pipeline, each of which are still in relatively early stages. Sure all sorts of deals can be done and I am sure the BoD has a folder full of sketches and notes but frankly dont see we are even up to the stage for any of that to come to fruition at this point in time. The good news is that at this point in time it appears to be a good problem to have compared with others who have hit a brick wall at the stage i or even ii trials and have to look to find new projects or fold their tent altogether.
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