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Hi All fellow Brainchippers,It is clearly evident ATM many are...

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    Hi All fellow Brainchippers,

    It is clearly evident ATM many are unhappy, hence the extreme level of toxicity.

    1. BRN reached ASX 300 status.

    2. Share price rose.

    3. Share price has declined

    4. Numerous people’s have invested their superannuation where possible and have seen their portfolio decline.

    5. Patience is required for the correct CEO to be appointed (myself I want the correct one appointed, not a shrinky toy from the cereal box) it takes time.

    5.1. PVDM has stepped up to the plate and is in the CEO position ATM ( he is the Father of this creation , could we not be in safer hands ? )

    6. Dot joining and research is great.

    6.1 Sometimes the above point 6 can create disillusioned fantasies where people’s may have expectations and expect to see an ASX announcement within a short period of time.

    7. We now have two very strong written and documented medical collaborations with two different companies via partnerships.

    7.1 Yes very disappointing there was no ASX announcement.

    7.2. Let point 7 run it’s proven factual medical course.

    7.3 All points in 7s clearly demonstrate to myself, BRN are not part of the perhaps/ could / maybe stage show, it states they want clear factual medical proven results.

    7.4. Should the above be proven on a sound medical analytical basis, watch how those golden bells will gleam via offical ASX announcements and open not Just open the Australian or US market , however worldwide.

    8. 2021 timeframe is now cut off for new tech to be included into this years new release for consumer, consumable goods into the second half of this year into the retail marketplace.

    9. 2022 / 2023 will potentially be the start of the timeframes for Akida into the highly marketable consumable marketplace.

    10. Numerous people here have shared information, which takes time, sifting through what is irrelevant and what is relevant in relation to our amazing team...

    11. BRN for a brand new revolutionary tech, has an exceptionally, impressive, dynamic team, full of enormous experience and expertise from numerous facets across the board and major proven companies.

    12. Official verified Patents

    12.1 Patents keep increasing

    12.2. No one or any company can encroach on any legally verified patent without paying a very hefty financial penalty to the party concerned plus their product withdrawn from within the market. (retailers ect)

    On a personal note, I’m so happy with my investment, Green days are great , Red days are shirty for all of us, this is like a carnival ride ups and downs.

    My focus is on outcomes and the future with BRN , highly astute ex ARM people’s do not come on board into a sinking ship (their high reputations are at stake)

    Nan. xxx

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