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Thanks for that! To be honest I think Tony is downplaying it...

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    Thanks for that!

    To be honest I think Tony is downplaying it more than he use to. Instead of using words like "imminently" or "very shortly" he is now using words like "Within 6 months"
    I recall he said something similar at the AGM when he was presenting the slides to shareholders. Before the actual slides or possibly after, I can't quite recall but he said back then that we are not in the beginning, we're not in the middle but we're now towards the end of the process.. when he makes a statement like within six months that could still literally mean a decision may be made tomorrow. As that chart I posted a few days ago clearly states 95% of all de-novo cases are cleared within 312 days from 2012 at the latest. The FDA have been dramatically improving with their clearance rates over the years as the last date in 2018 on the table states 233 days!! We are sitting a fly's tit above 300 days now:
    Here it is again for those who haven't seen it yet:


    No further questions have been asked as far as I am aware so I don't see why it would take any longer than the next month at most let alone potentially 6.. Tony is taking the under promise and over deliver approach now. Even Brian mentioned this to me a few months ago - "Tony is downplaying things more these days" that's why we're getting hit with things in quarterly reports that are a surprise to us and not an actual individual ASX announcement..

    ResApp has set up a uk-based subsidiary firing away on all cylinders commercially very soon. Coviu is the test pilot the commercialisation strategy will be mirror imaged in the UK and in the USA.

    I liked the comments he made about Sanofi and going into a little bit more detail there. So ResApp are developing the product and Sanofi will market and sell the product to the consumer sector in Europe. ResApp will make a cut per use.. so I guess we're ultimately selling our product to Sanofi at an agreed base price and then they up sell it at whatever price point they wish via download and subscription fees. Tony " I was in Germany last week and "WE'RE" really Excited about what the next stages are there" this was in reference to Sanofi exercising they're option moving forward... you don't use words like "we're" if the other party wasn't excited too. Sanofi will be trialling the product that they have developed at plug and play program in the consumer land... Tony is expecting them to exercise their option, now if that's not confidence I don't know what is! Let's go to sanofi's website shall we?! & see what they are offering to the consumer market for clues

    " We're working with a German hospital network"
    I thank that This means the program has already kickstarted, finer freaking lee! Hallelujah!! I think it's been talked about for the past 2 years now lol. Can't wait for some results out of this collaboration. Although it's pretty obvious there are going to be several benefits by using our device within this type of setting.

    Next month particularly is going to be a cracker as there are three things transitioning in March:
    1. Sanofi option
    2. Coviu integration
    3. Lodgment for sleep apnea
    The next 6 months should be filled with lots of price sensitive announcements..
    Bring it on!!

    On the flip side - if we still haven't heard from the de Novo pen pushers by late March then this could actually be a good thing as the share price could be propelled from a much higher base than $0.25, if the three price sensitive announcements are positive...

    I don't know about you all but I'm freaking excited!!

    Bring it on!!


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