2020 Lastman Standing Ceremony - NRL

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    Well after the debacle between the Dragons and Sharks this weekend the two in the front seat have been robbed from carrying on. It is what it is though! One could say it is just another fitting moment for 2020???

    CONGRATULATIONS to @burj and @schillaci on being this year winners of the NRL Lastman Standing Comp.


    Well done to all the players in the comp this year.

    See you all next year when we will play once again.

    Final tally for the year as follows...

    1st - @burj @schillaci - Round 11

    3rd - @bluesclues - Round 7

    4th - @pe981 - Round 6

    5th - @justajoe - Round 5

    6th - @bayview @dan1 @Metalduster @simokta - Round 4

    10th - @>Russ< @absewaa @ahjay @AI @frzyie @Greenhaven @h00ts @HC_Trader @John25 @nickyjames @roaminoz @Warnie - Round 3

    22nd - @ingvestor @Kooka @Madmin @The-Head - Round 2

    26th - @dooriedog @JtS1402 @rookstar @sledger @wowog- Round 1

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