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Firstly let me thank jrcole for posting the link to this article...

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    Firstly let me thank jrcole for posting the link to this article as it is very much appreciated.

    The following quote which I have taken from this article dated December, 2020 appearing in Forbes magazine is attributed to Mr. Mike Davies who with Mr. Rich Uhlig delivered the key note address at this conference. Mr. Davies as the Director of Intel's Neuromorphic Computing Lab and Mr. Uhlig as the Managing Director of Intel Labs' in this keynote address were referencing the state of neuromorphic technology as understood by Intel:

    " During the keynote, Davies compared an autonomous drone with a cockatiel (a small parrot, native to Australia and famous worldwide as a pet) in terms of energy efficiency. The latest racing drones consume 18 watts of power, which means they must charge every 10-20 minutes. Additionally, according to Davies, these drones can barely autonomously navigate through a pre-programmed sequence of gates at a walking pace. On the other hand, a cockatiel can fly 22 miles per hour, forage for food, communicate with cockatiels, and even learn to speak a few English words—all with a 2-gram birdbrain running off of an infinitesimal 50 milliwatts of power. We need to be able to get on that level

    Now you will see that I have made bold and underlined the last sentence of this quote. Now if you as a shareholder are truly concerned about what has happened with the share price in the last 24 hours then what you should do is ask yourself two questions:

    1. What information came to light that changed what you knew about Brainchip in the last 24 hours?

    2. Have I watched the presentation by the Chief Technical Officer of Brainchip Peter van der Made to the Brain Inspired Conference in November, 2020?

    As to question 1. I will save you the effort of doing any research the answer is absolutely nothing. The change in the share price was not due to any change in the fundamentals of the company and in fact as a result of the exercise of the options by LDA Capital the company has an improved balance sheet to the tune of over $1 million. I will also save you the trouble of looking up the grant of these options and let you know that when they were granted at 20 cents the share price was 17.5 cents and were part of the financial deal that has given the company access to now a total of $45 million dollars capital to meet all of its financial needs for the foreseeable future.

    As to question 2. you will have to go and watch the presentation yourself but when you do you will discover that what Intel is striving to achieve Brainchip has already achieved and it is a commercially available 28nm chip named AKD1000 which is also available on licence as Intellectual Property and in fact as at 24 December, 2020 a major international semiconductor company named Renesas has licenced the IP.

    So consider this against a back ground of the share price having dropped for no reason related to the fundamentals of the company Intel one of the mega players in the neuromorphic space has above stated that "We need to be able to get on that level" which is in fact the level which Brainchip has already reached and commercialised and in fact is already working on two levels above this with the AKD2000 and the AKD3000.

    If you have any further doubts how many Australian companies can you identify that NASA has decided to fully fund the hardening of their system on a chip for deep space and extreme environmental use with a third party company in this case Vorago and has also been prepared to buy the rights to be an early access customer.

    Now instead of just reading what I have posted if you have any genuine concerns about the share price take the time to go and listen to Peter van der Made's presentation either for the first time or again and compare it to what Intel is needing to achieve.

    Also while you are at it have a look at what the AKD1000 can do with regards to VOC detection and identification and marvel at the fact that it is not limited as one poorly researched poster this morning has claimed to only identifying one VOC compound. If you like to take your research further then their is also the paper available which independently proved that the AERO system the proof of concept system developed by Peter van der Made and others achieved state of the art results on the 20 gas data set, each set containing 10 gases, with only a 3 second latency. That is 200 separate gases identified with state of the art accuracy. It does seem even on this fact alone that identifying 5 or 6 life threatening diseases from VOC's would be a walk in the park once the chemical markers for the diseases have been isolated.

    My opinion only DYOR.

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