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OTC stocks, also known as "penny stocks" due to the fact that...

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    OTC stocks, also known as "penny stocks" due to the fact that many of them trade for less than $1, are a tempting opportunity for investors. They offer the chance to buy lots of shares for a little bit of money, which could turn into a lot of money if the company turns out to be highly successful. Many OTC-listed companies are touted as offering the next great technology with unlimited upside potential. However, it's very difficult for investors to determine the realistic potential of OTC stocks; there is usually very little information readily available. Unlike companies that are traded on regular stock exchanges, OTC companies aren't required to provide a lot of information. About all that's required for a company to be listed on the OTC exchange is filling out a form requesting to be listed. This can make it very difficult for the average investor to obtain sufficient information to make an informed investment decision regarding a company.

    As FF points out: "In the case of BRN such retail investors have the security of BRN being an ASX listed company that is regulated and reports in Australia and as shareholders they have all the same rights as direct BRN investors on the ASX."

    Investors buying on the OTC need only to access BRN's website and read the ASX announcements to be as informed as Australian investors are.

    Since you announced you took your cards off the table last Wed after making a profit of around 17% your posts have become decidedly negative. Disappointing but unsurprising I suppose. I loved your post by the way about AKIDA perhaps being used as a seeing eye dog for blind people. You disclose you still hold ... shouldn't that be 'Not Held"?
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