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    I thought it was well deserved to finally start a new thread,
    -Too much page's to go back on, it's time a new thread was made starting with fresh discussion of the latest

    Thing's are looking extremely positive in my humble non-expertise opinion, we've now seen some actual big name's drop whilst many i believe are still in the 'Non-Disclosure'?

    Would love to see post's & information being posted here going forward!

    There's been alittle bit being posted about Bosch/Valeo (Which have both been mentioned in the latest ASX Announcement [Click Here]) but upon reading more into them it does look promising so i thought i'd share!

    -Please note i am not sure to & what extent BRN may be assisting, just simply trying to connect dot's would love to hear some thought's also-

    DFT & Water Fabrication will begin this Month:

    Bosch & Valeo Mentions:

    Valeo AI Website:

    Bosch AI Website:

    Some interesting read's thanks to @uiux & @SpaceCadet and they're pretty recent these Bosch one's... Moreso after the Company Annc?

    bosch ai.jpg
    Article Link:


    Article Link:

    -This is entirely my opinion only, purely speculation and NOT financial advice-
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