"Australia is 1% of the Earth and totally irrelevant," Only in...

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    "Australia is 1% of the Earth and totally irrelevant,"

    Only in terms of changing the planet's weather.

    The CAGW model has never been about that, it is about global income redistribution and ceding power to the UN.

    In those terms, as one of the G20, we punch above our weight and if we give in to the globalists then that would encourage lesser nations to do so.

    Also we, luckily, have massive stores of all fossil fuels and uranium so if other countries without such resources can persuade people that those resources are evil then that benefits them over us.

    Australia is a developed successful country with massive raw material resources. We are literally the last country in the world that should sign up to any weather-god experiments and any Aussie government that does so cares more about being liked at global shindigs than they care about the future of Australian people.

    They should be utterly ashamed for that attitude.
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